A Week in Interior of Alaska

Day 1 – Fairbanks


We land in Fairbanks after taking a red-eye flight from Los Angeles.  Although we got no sleep on our flight, we were excited to be in Alaska.  After picking up our Kia Forte, we got breakfast at the Cookie Jar Restaurant.  Breakfasts there are large and tasty,  and made it on an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on Food Network.  Our waitress was so excited because the temperature was a high of 15 degrees Fahrenheit.  We from California thought that comment was very funny.


After checking into our hotel, the Regency Fairbanks Hotel, we went to the popular ice sculptures.  Since it was in early April, they were beginning to melt, but still very impressive.





Check out the cute town of Fairbanks.


Make sure to return in the evening to see the ice sculptures in lights!




Day 2 -Denali National Park

We got up early in the morning, enjoyed our breakfast that was included at the Regency Fairbanks Hotel, and drove to Denali National Park.  We went on Easter so the park was practically empty.  We visited the dog kennels where the sled dogs live.  We were allowed to pet an play with the very friendly dogs.


We took an afternoon hike into the mountains looking for wildlife.  We saw beautiful scenery, moose tracks, but no wildlife. It was very beautiful and peaceful.



We drove over 200 miles in a snowstorm to Talkeetna with no brakes.  It was quite scary, but we finally made it to our bed and breakfast around 2:00 am.  We got stuck in a snow bank and left it there until morning.  Luckily it was off the road.   We had quite an adventure!

Day 3 – Talkeetna

We were supposed to take a plane ride to see Mt. Denali and land on a glacier, but it was raining profusely and it was too dangerous to travel back to Fairbanks.  So we went to the main town of Talkeetna.  The owner of the bed and breakfast lent us his Subaru.


The town is famous for having a cat as acting mayor.


Day 4-Fairbanks

We drove back to Fairbanks.  Luckily the rain stopped.  The snow plows were clearing the snow off the streets.  Our journey took approximately 4 hours.  The mountains were covered in snow.  The countryside was beautiful.



We got up very early in the morning, around 3:30 am to see the Northern Lights.  We saw the Northern Lights and met a very nice State Trooper.  Apparently I did not have my head lights on.  Oops!


Day 5 – Delta Junction

We drove to Delta Junction on the



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