A Traveler’s Guide to Booking the Cheapest Flight

REALITY CHECK– More times than not, the one thing that keeps you from taking your dream vacation is the price of the flight.  Searching through a multitude of travel websites with continual fluctuating prices can be exhausting and overwhelming.  And not to mention, leave you thinking, “where do I begin” and “am I really getting the best deal”?  

unnamed-2.jpgHere are 5 secret tips that can save you both time & money, allowing you to take that dream vacation you’ve been wanting to take!

  1. Always put your browser mode incognito or private mode


Flight companies are able to track your flight searches by putting cookies onto your browser for each repeated flight search.  The more you search, the more cookies they put on, and the higher the prices go up.  Putting your browser in private or incognito mode, allows for your cookies to reset each time, so you are essentially searching for the “first time”.  We recommend closing and reopening a browser in incognito or private mode for each search to get the best deal!

2. Look into Budget Airlines


If you are adaptable and don’t mind doing away with perks (ie additional legroom, food/drink service, outlets), then don’t forget to check budget airlines!  They often offer significantly lower prices than competing major airlines. Just don’t forget to read the fine print before booking.  You may need to print out your ticket beforehand or there may have different weight/size requirements.  



3. Consider these sites that are designed to save you money

Skipped Lagged: When your layover is your final destination.

Skipped Lagged can save you up to 80% on your flight by generating a flight that is cheaper than your destination flight by simply having your destination as the layover instead of the final stop.  For instance, it may cost more for you to fly from New York to San Francisco instead of from New York to Seattle with a layover in San Francisco.  All you do is simply get off at your layover!

Air Treks: When you want to travel the world

Air Treks is a dream tool for anyone planning a multi-destination flight.  All you do is plug in destinations you wish to travel to and it will provide an estimated cost.

Airfordable: When you want to snag that plane ticket deal next summer but don’t want to pay it all upfront

Airfordable provides an easy way for you to snag that dream plane ticket without having to pay everything upfront.  All you do is find your ticket, pay a deposit, and create a payment plan to pay for your ticket by the time of your flight.  Once you pay it, Airfordable sends you your ticket.

Airfarewatchdog or Secret Flying: When you want to check for Error Fares

Whether it is accidentally omitting fuel surcharges, simply forgetting a zero, or miscalculating the rate of currency, mistake airfares are occasionally posted.  Sites like these are designed to find ‘error fares’ and potentially score you an amazing deal you hoped and prayed for.

4. Additional search engines to check out:


You are most likely acquainted with major travel search engines, like Travelocity, Expedia and Kayak.  While these sites can offer you great deals, we also recommend the following sites:

5. Follow alerts on Twitter/Facebook


Social media is a great way to stay abreast of the latest deals. Here are some recommended Twitter handles:

@TPG_Alerts         @JetBlueCheeps      @Hopper_Deals      @AirefareWatchdog

@Theflightdeal      @ExitFares       @FareCompareDeals

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